Large corporations recognize exceptional artwork and when they tapped the shoulders of Vision Strike Coins they knew very quickly they had selected a custom challenge coin that was focused on providing the highest level of coin design and custom challenge coin artwork. They had found something quite unique. The Boeing Corporation understood this from the outset and even managed to state this when they first contacted Vision Strike Coins to do their coins.

Boeing went to Vision Strike Coins over companies like Challenge Coins R Us, Anchor Up, All About Coins, Milcoins, The Coin Factory, Quartermaster Sales, Pier 1893, Signature Coins, US DOD coins and others because it was the attention to detail at VSC that grabbed their attention. The unique and original artwork, the 3D design and the multi-layered design highlighted their interest in coins from us. The competition didn’t offer these levels of original artwork or the style that has separated Vision Strike Coins from the pack. Shortly after Boeing had received their custom challenge coins even one of the Boeing Executive Security team members commented that these challenge coins were the best he had ever seen. We appreciated the comment and sentiment and when we learned it was a Medal of Honor recipient making the comment we really took those words to heart.

It stands to reason that this same originality of challenge coin concept and design is why so many companies have copied the artwork of Vision Strike Coins and used our artwork for personal reasons so they could rise to the same level of design we have offered for over a decade. The only problem is that it was the art of Vision Strike Coins that was used and not their own. If copying the art of others means one is recognized as the leader in custom challenge coin artwork then we have volumes of challenge coin companies that have done this. We design at the highest level of challenge coins in the industry, our competitors know this and why Boeing easily identified where their custom coins needed to come from.