The most important factor when it comes to Armed Forces Challenge Coins is without a question: the artwork. The detailed artwork and the style, design elements that make up a military challenge coin is what sets it apart from other similar Armed Forces Challenge Coins. This very specific thing is the most important factor in the world of military challenge coins and why so few companies rise to the level of great challenge coins. 

There are a ton of mediocre challenge coin companies. In fact the industry is overwhelmingly filled with mediocrity. Search the internet and you will not run out of the same look and feel as the more ordinary and commonly offered designs so many have created and designed in China. Do an internet search and run across names like signature coins, coins for anything, medals of America, military coin USA, custom made coins which are just a small handful of military challenge coin companies that do not have the level or type of art that Vision Strike Coins produced. There are many good ones but few that attain the level of quality and original art that VSC does.

But there is a solution for those looking for a military challenge coin and that is Vision-Strike-Coins.Com. 

So what sets the standard of a military challenge coin? One it has to be designed with detail and excellence. Some subway bus tokens designed in China aren’t going to cut it. The military challenge coin artists of Vision Strike Coins deliver authentic and original artwork (often copied by others without permission and it’s a long list of copycats) but offered exclusively to our customers that are made up of active duty US military, prior service, and US veterans. All branches receive the same level of dedication with respect to their Armed Forces Challenge Coins. Our US military deserves the best military challenge coins and it is our mission to provide them. 

Without question the icons of the US military take precedent when designing Armed Forces Challenge Coins. Images of the3 1st Cavalry Division, 82nd Airborne Division. The Screaming Eagles of the 101st Air Assault Division, 9th Infantry and 10th Mountain Division are just a few of the names often heard in military challenge coin circles. The US Navy and its IYAOYAS community have received some incredibly detailed challenge coin art and designs from us as well.

The US Navy has its warships, submarines and squadrons as well as shore commands that VSC has the pleasure of designing Armed Forces Challenge Coins for. US Navy rates like Hospital Corpsman and Boatswain’s Mates also receive great Armed Forces Challenge Coins as well.

The Air Force and its TACP, the Pararescue and exciting Air Force coins that depict its history and mottos like One Over All are featured on many of the Armed Forces Challenge Coins we offer. 

US Marines find bold Marine Corps Armed Forces Challenge Coins with their military occupational specialties (MOS) like the 0311 Rifleman, 0331 Machine Gunner, 2111 Small Arms Technician, 0317 Scout Sniper and many more to choose from. No one carries coins of a magnitude like these. 

The Coast Guard also has some old the most stylish Armed Forces Challenge Coins with their Ask The Chief coins, USCG cutter coins, the fabled You Can Always GO Out But You Don’t Always Have To Come In coins and many more. 

The Armed Forces Challenge Coins of Vision Strike Coins were created with a style and details seldom achieved by other military challenge coin companies. Something proud to place in your military challenge coin collection, in a shadowbox, given out as a retirement gift, designs for a US military command for a tour or deployment or handed out by military leadership as a thanks for a job well done are just a small list of the thousands of reasons why a challenge coin is designed. So when it’s the reputation of the commanding general, a battalion commander, a first sergeant or the Captain of a US Navy submarine hands one out it must be of the highest quality and nothing less. 

So what is a military challenge coin? In short it’s a medallion typically made of metal, usually illustrated in metal form with graphics that are earned by the recipient who is honored or acknowledged for going above and beyond. It is an unwritten job well done or accomplishment that can be felt when it’s pressed into the recipient’s hand. A military challenge coin is also historical and conveys the honor, courage and dedication of a military unit, its background, its accomplishments and sacrifices to accomplish its mission or goal. Because a challenge coin is permanent tit is also handed down from generation to generation and provides some insight into the Soldier, Sailor, US Marine, Air Force airman and US Coast Guardsmen and what they did and for whom when they served in the US military. 

The number of things a military challenge coin represents is too numerous to count but each extremely important. A military challenge coin spans generations. A military challenge coin signifies honor, history and dedication. A military challenge coin lies at the heart of what it means to be a member of the US Armed Forces defending freedom and the American way of life. 

Challenge Coins

It might take 3 pages of sighting through custom military challenge coin pages before you find the right challenge coin companies that actually offer its original designs directly to the public. 

People might argue that a challenge coin must be earned. We also hear that a challenge coin can be designed to recognize achievements or acknowledge a time in military service and doesn’t have to be presented or handed out to you. We like to think that challenge coins can be both and fits a variety of situations spending on the circumstances. So while many have earned their challenge coins there are those who offer some inspiring challenge coin designs for those who simply want a memento of their career in a specific military branch of the military, may want to remember a lost relative with a connection to the command or unit or hand one out to a friend or relative they feel a connection with.   

President Challenge Coins

He’s the Commander In Chief and in this capacity is responsible for the entire military as its head and responsible for the safety of the US and its allies. President Donald Trump has President Challenge Coins and just after 2016 we created his 45th President Challenge coins. For us it was an honor to do so and acknowledge the newly elected President of the United States (POTUS). With the elections of 2020 nearing and only days away we look forward to the results of the political campaigns and will design the next President Challenge Coins once the results are out. 

Custom Challenge Coins

When it comes to custom challenge coins keep this in mind “There are many like it but this one is mine!”, and nothing could be more truer than a custom challenge coin. They identify, they describe and they are the elements that exist at the heart of a military command or unit. They say a picture can speak a thousand words. Well a custom challenge coin can expand on that and go even further. Why not build the finest custom challenge coin for your unit, military command, special events or help with fundraising whether it’s with your FRG, MWR or elected officials of your association. 

A custom challenge coin when it conveys the right information graphically and carries a message of excellence matched with unparalleled quality then you have got a great custom challenge coin. One example of a custom challenge coin recently completed for the US Navy is the USS Illinois custom challenge coin requested for the christening ceremony of this incredible US Navy warship. Attending the ceremony was First Lady Michelle Obama who was presented with this custom challenge coin from Vision Strike Coins.