It is important as United States Veterans that when we design, produce and have manufactured challenge coins that they honor the the history and traditions of the military branch, military command, military unit and the men and women who proudly wear the uniform of the United States. Challenge coins with with 100% quality lies at the heart of each and every coin design we create and every challenge coin that leaves our office.

Having designed hundreds if not thousands of military challenge coins over our 12 year career has afforded us some wonderful relationships and experiences in each of the US Military branches we have worked with. Because of our unwavering love and respect for our country and those who have volunteered to become US Army soldiers,

US Navy Sailors, US Marines, US Air Force Airmen and US Coast Guardsmen we have developed an unbridled policy of standing behind each design and challenge coin we make. We have a policy that all our challenge coins with 100% quality must be so. This means we craft coins that we stand behind and if you experience any flaws of product or product design and instructions that did not occur we will stand by it and manufacture your coins and replace them. Our US military expects the best and their challenge coins must also be the best.

Vision Strike Coins stands behinds its challenge coins!