Viking Challenge Coins depicting the Norse Pantheon are now available exclusively from Vision-Strike-Coins. Through history their has never been a more foreboding word to be spoke that woudl send many running for their lives. The Vikings have been the horror story for many small villages and towns along the English Channel or the Baltics.

The Vikings Movie 1958
Kurt Douglass in The Vikings
Viking Challenge Coins Raids the Northman 1
United Artists 1958 Film The Vikings

Vikings have been romanticized as well as villainized in many Hollywood movies as far back as United Artist early 1958 film The Vikings starring Kurt Douglas and Tony Curtis. Known as the Norse Opera by the New York Times it was highly received by the public with box office success.

Vikings Series

Later we enjoyed the humanization of the Vikings with the series from The History Channel called the Vikings starring Travis Fimmel and Gustaf Skarsgård depicting the famous historical figure Ragnar Lothbrok in this semi fictitious portrayal of this farmer who became a legendary Danish and Swedish king leading raiding parties against the English establishing land as well a legacy of sons that later reached greatness beyond imagination.

Teh History Channels Vikings Challenge Coins

Even animation has given way to the Viking invasion with the retelling of the ancient Viking tale called Beowulf by director Robert Zemeckis of Forrest Gump fame featuring the voices of Ray Winstone as Beowulf, Angelina Jolie as Grendel’s mom, Crispin Glover as Grendel himself , Anthony Hopkins as Hrothfar, John Malkovich as Unfero, Robin Wright as Wealhbeow and Brendan Gleeson of Braveheart as Wiglaf.

Viking Challenge Coins Raids the Northman 2
Beowulf Animated Feature Film

Ragnar’s son’s Ivar the Boneless and Ivar Ironsides expanded the Norse empire establishing what we know as Scandinavia today. But many other movies have portrayed Vikings such as The 13th Warrior with Antonio Banderas, Pathfinder with Karl Urban and Clancy Brown showing a more fantastical portrayal of Vikings riding horses and exploring North America with Horned helmets. Pure fantasy.

Viking Challenge Coins Raids the Northman 3

The latest feature film The Northman directed by Robert Eggers starring Alaxendar Skarsgård, Nicole Kidman and Ethan Hawke in this Lion King Remake of a gritty Viking culture and shamanic stone age ritualism. Worth checking out considering the long list of Viking movies that truly fantasized this mysterious and enigmatic culture.

Thor Viking Norse God Challenge Coin
Thor Viking Challenge Coins

Imbedded in these Viking Challenge coins are the secret to the lineage of the Vikings. Going all the way back to ancient Babylon the bloodline of the VI Kings that usurped Egypt and were driven out to Canaan. Then after the hacking by Babylon and driven into slavery as outlined in Ezekial of the Old Testament. Tribe of Dan escaped across the Sea since Dan was a trine of warrior seafarers.

They landed in what is now known as Greece. In the early days it was called MaceDANia. Later the Romans also know as the Sun Men. Then up the DANube river to the country now known as Denmark. Denmark translates to the Mark of DAN. The trail is obvious to anyone taking the time to trace the path of the migration of these peoples over time.

The pantheon of Norse gods are almost identical to the Romans/Greek which are the same as the Egyptians only the names have changed. All through history like Hollywood today we see the same story being retold to a new audience over and over and over again.

Odin Viking Norse God Challenge Coin
Odin Viking Challenge Coins

Also most folk don’t know that the days of the week are named after the ancient Sun, Saturn and Moon cults that we call Saturnday, Sunday, and Monday. However the rest of the week is made up of Viking Gods and Goddesses. Starting with Tuesday being named after Tyr or Tyrsdays. Wednesday is named after Odin, Woden or Woden’s Day or Odin’s Day. Thursday is of course Thor’s Day followed by Friday or Frigg Day.

Aegir Viking Norse God Ancient Coin
Aegir Viking Norse God Ancient Coin

Viking Challenge Coins at Vision Strike Coins!

Hel Viking Norse God Ancient Coin
Hel Viking Norse God Ancient Coin

Here at Vision Strike Coins we have designed these Viking Challenge Coins to look like 10th century coinage from that era of minting. Coins were hand made and crudely forged compared to today’s technology. These Viking Challenge Coins emulate the style and feel of an ancient coin that one could unearth digging for treasure.